Monday Madness….

Ok so it’s once again monday and the start of a new week.  Ok, well if you want to be technical officially yesterday was the start of the new week but i am not a politically correct type of person.  Didn’t get to bed til after 11 last night because i had to wake the husband up to get ready and send him off to work so lets say this i didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night.  I think for now on i am going to let him worry about getting himself up.  I mean i have 4 kids to take care of and have to get up early to get them ready for school he is going to have to start worrying about himself a little.  How can i be rested enough to take care of them when i am busy doing for him.  Ok, i know that sounded a little bitchy and  love doing things for him but sometimes he needs to take some iniative and get himself up and ready for work.  Anyway, the weekend was good but went by pretty slow and just didn’t do anything because well it was too damn cold.  I wanted to take the kids to the park to let out all their energy but this 30 degree weather i was not going to take them out in it.  I am sure most people would say wow that’s not cold but when you are from mississippi where you can pretty much wear shorts and flip flops all year long that is pretty damn cold.  I don’t mind the cold weather but now i am ready for it to get just a little bit warmer.  Anyway, not a whole lot to do today I pretty much got the house cleaned and laundry done yesterday so i can sit and relax for a while.  Hubby has school this morning after work so I won’t be seeing him til later on this afternoon.   I seriously have no idea how he can work from midnight til 8 and then go to school from 9 til 3 everyday with very little to no rest at all it just exhausts me mentioning it here.  

Crazy Momma Drama

Well, it’s sunday evening and the weekend is almost over.  We never manage to get through the weekend without any kind of drama with the kids or just some kind of family drama.  John was gone to drill all weekend so trying to get anything done around here was pretty much next to impossible.  John got home about 4 hours ago and went straight to bed since he has to be at work by midnight.  He works midnight to 8 and then goes straight from work to school until 3 in the afternoon and then does the same routine everyday except for thursday and friday.  When he is not here the kids usualy know and that’s when they decide to show their true colors which they don’t do when he’s here because they pretty much know better.